Featured Image: Alexandria

Most of us know the history of the Egyptian port of Alexandria, it was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and became the centre for knowledge, wealth and shipping for miles around.

I hope the viewer gets the same sense of mystery and wonder that I felt whilst making the work. I would like for people to stand and wonder,’ what might have been?’

The medium is graphite on Bristol board (Paper). I love the way graphite becomes dust: It allows me to explore geometry and symbolism, against a landscape of shadows. I love this contradiction.

The ancient mysteries and mythology seem to be too important for us to leave the sole responsibility of its storytelling to the Historians alone. I am interested in exploring the subjects and presenting my thinking to my audience, in the hope that it will stimulate wonder and intellectual debate in the wider community.


Fine art prints of both versions of Alexandria are available from my Print Shop.

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